The Tiny Optics team

Let's build together.

Emile Opperman

Content Guru & Director

When he’s not working, he’s working

Austin Le Roux

Administrator & Director

If you have issues with this website, blame him

Brinley Rebstein

Strategy Consulting & Performance Marketing
There isn’t a performance model Brinley hasn’t thought about building out

Daniel Scott

Lead Designer

*Calmly snaps picture of logo design and sighs…*

Abdullah Mansuri

Full-stack Developer
Prefers an email over a meeting

Gustave Ngindu

Senior Developer & Systems Administrator
Picture Denzel Washington in the Book of Eli

William Scott

Content Creator
If you see him on a billboard for Calvin Klein, know he’s still part of the team

Jaco Naude

Decided Germany has better 🍺 and now lives there

Ryan Makoni

Full-stack Developer
If he’s in a meeting and he’s not on mute, his mechanical keyboard will chair the session

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